Headwear Made in Fashion and Inspired by War

Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

Each fashion season has its new narrative with strongly staged images. Historically speaking, headwear plays a significant role in war. It simultaneously protects and reflects a society’s technical and ritual status at a given time. Symbols and attributes are added as a spell, which can overshadow the function. It can be a national symbol, a definition of rank, status, self-perception or a hide/camouflage. The other face of war is fear, violence, cruelty and murder. These conditions are the starting point for this project.

Background: War is a recurring theme in European history. It is conducted for political, religious or territorial reasons or because someone believes they have a right to land and wealth. Paradoxically, war is started and waged to achieve peace.

The project is photos of these headdresses on a person with a staged background.

Bodil Brems