Who I am

Interpretation of the outside world is my field. Photography is often used in conjunction with/as opposed to direct observation. People’s need to create coherence in perceptions is challenged through a collage-like form of work in which humour and irony are bound together with a deliberate mystery. Do reality, communication, and reading agree?

My latest exhibition

“Migratory Birds” at Kirsten Kjærs Museum,Thy

In the exhibition, Migratory Birds at Kirsten Kjaers Museum, five paintings from the series Papaver Variabilis are juxtaposed with eight paintings by Kirsten Kjaer. They have a dialogue and share an enthusiasm — Kirsten Kjærs paintings are very simple, while Bodil Brems are thoroughly worked through. Participation in SUBROSA – the flower in Nordic contemporary …

My latest work

Echo of flowers

Echo of Flowers is produced for S & E, Janus, Vestjyllands Art Museum, Tistrup 2018.

International national romance, compressed

Fragment of a project, where reality signs into uncertainty. Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

We are in the post-national and post-Christian Europe, where the countries’ sovereignty diminishes and values change.

Being solely a member of a nation is unfashionable, and common values concerning religion or language are dubious or even unacceptable as a self-definition. You may go to war in remote countries for theoretical reasons such as humanitarian and political or for pay.

Headgear as fashion, inspired by war

Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

Each fashion season has its narrative with highly staged images.

Historically, headgear plays a major role in the war. it protects but also reflects the person and society´s technical and ritual status at any given time.

Symbols and attributes are added as a kind of incantation that may overshadow the function. It can be a national symbol, definition of rank, status, self-definition or camouflage. Another aspect of war is fear, violence, cruelty and killing. This is the inspiration for this project.


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