International National romance, Compressed

Fragment of a project, where reality signs into uncertainty. Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

We are in the post-national and post-Christian Europe, where the sovereignty of the countries diminish and values change.

Being solely a member of a nation is unfashionable, and common values concerning religion or language are dubious or even unacceptable as a self-definition. You may go to war in remote countries from theoretical reasons such as humanitarian and political, or for pay. A feeling of nationality based on the language and culture of one single nation (known since Herder 1744 – 1803) becomes promiscuous. Europeans must identify themselves with wider groupings and principles: EU, NATO, UN, liberalism or the declaration of Human Rights.

I offer a value base, a picturesque definition, International National Romance, compressed. It consists of landscapes from Europe that try to meet in a picture. Madeira meets Bayern or St. Andreasberg in Zealand. The places grow out of and into a grey surface.