Who I am

Interpretation of the outside world is my field. The photography is often used in conjunction with/opposed to the direct observation. People’s need to create coherence in perceptions is challenged through a collage-like form of work, in which humour and irony are bound together with a deliberate mystery. Do reality, communication and reading agree?

Bodil Brems

My latest work

Echo of flowers is produced for S & E, Janus, Vestjyllands Art museum, Tistrup 2018.

and has its origin in Papaver variabilis, a project developed for SUBROSA – the flower in Nordic Contemporary Art. A photo of a poppy is manipulated on the computer and new species are generated — a parallel to the gardeners work for selective breeding – the new flower is painted on canvas, becoming a reality again  – Unimaginable imaginability.

Fragment of a project, where reality signs into uncertainty. Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

We are in the post-national and post-Christian Europe, where the sovereignty of the countries diminish and values change.

Being solely a member of a nation is unfashionable, and common values concerning religion or language are dubious or even unacceptable as a self-definition. You may go to war in remote countries from theoretical reasons such as humanitarian and political, or for pay.

Produced for Europahy – Europa Felix, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bath 2017

Each fashion season has its narrative with highly staged images.

Historically, headgear plays a major role in the war. it protects, but also reflects the person and society´s technical and ritual status at any given time.

Symbols and attributes are added as a kind of incantation that may overshadow the functional. It can be a national symbol, definition of rank, status, self-definition or as camouflage. Another aspect of war is fear, violence, cruelty and killing. This is is the inspiration for this project.