“By the River” – Retrospective Exhibition, Gammelgaard, Herlev

Retrospective exhibition at Gammelgaard Art and Culture Center, Herlev 2022

Bodil Brems is an artist but works like a researcher. Investigating, observing and experimenting. Systematics, curiosity and philosophy are core values in the toolbox she has carried throughout her artistic career.

It is characteristic of Bodil Brems that she often zooms in on the details of the motifs and adds a symbolic dimension to objects. In doing so, she puts many meanings into play and plays with reality effects that play together with fictional elements. She often uses a multi-perspective, as is known from living life, actions, sections of reality, and natural symbolism appear side by side so that the works almost create
memories of dreams.

In juxtaposing the many different elements, new realities arise, which create surprising shifts in time and space when they appear together. Thus, the series Time Collapse shown in the Hovedhuset and International National Romance, Compressed and Golden Age, Compressed in Ny Lade, are examples of Bodil Brems´ outlook on life and the world.

At the exhibition, she also shows the series Reflections, images from Laesoe, the video work Under the Skin in the Hovedhus, and the impressive hanging of her large series Papaver Variabilis in Gl. Lade.

Excerpt from text by Anne Retz Wessberg, head of Gammelgaard Art and Culture Center, Herlev